Cultural Communities Commission

The Cultural Communities Commission brings together Quebec members of the New Democratic Party who share a strong interest in ethnic, religious and cultural diversity in our society. The Commission fights for equality and equity, and against all forms of racism and intolerance.

The Commission’s mandate is to represent the interests of cultural minorities within the party, help its members with the transition into Quebec society, and promote their involvement in politics.

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The NDP Quebec Section Women’s Council was founded in 2004. For almost 10 years now, it has worked to advance women in politics and achieve gender parity within the NDP and in Parliament.

The Women’s Council promotes political training for women and develops tools and strategies to support women candidates.

The Council’s main objectives are to:

  • promote the interests of women within the NDP’s Quebec Section;
  • adopt a feminist perspective in policy making, the Quebec Section and the federal party, and to offer an analysis that takes this perspective into account;
  • promote and defend the interests of Quebec women in Parliament;
  • support and assist women running as NDP and NDP Quebec Section candidates;
  • create and maintain relationships with community, political, cultural and, especially, women’s groups;
  • undertake recruitment and training and provide women with access to all positions within the party; and
  • work towards the election of a New Democrat government in Canada.

Each year, the Council identifies its short-term priorities, organizes events and distributes information to facilitate women’s access to politics.

The Council also addresses important issues affecting women in Canadian society.

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The Young New Democrats of Quebec (Les jeunes néo-démocates du Québec-JNDQ) is the youth wing of the Quebec Section of the New Democratic Party of Canada.

The youth commission’s role is to bring together, mobilize, and represent all NDP members in Quebec between the ages of 14 and 25.

Every year, the commission organizes activities in different regions of Quebec to meet youth and provide them with an opportunity to discuss and debate issues that matter to them. The fruit of these efforts is realized at the annual convention where delegates have the opportunity to debate policy resolutions that are then submitted to provincial and federal conventions where they have the possibility of becoming official party policy.

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The LGBTT Commission is an association composed of all members of the federal New Democratic Party residing in Quebec who identify as a member of minority group for their sexual orientation or gender identity of expression. NDP-Quebec members who are allies of these groups are welcome to join the Commission as well.

The Commission’s main duties are to represent the LGBTT community within the party, promote the involvement of the LGBTT community in politics and offer space for meetings and exchange between members.

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